Yumna Zaidi Makes International TV Debut 

Yumna Zaidi has joined the cast of the Arab superhero series Crester and the Knight Stallion. She’s to play a lead role opposite top Middle East TV stars. No doubt, Pakistani actors are very talented and have proved their mettle around the world. Yumna had just started her career in 2018. In this short span of time, she has worked in blockbuster serials like Pyaar Ke Sadqay, Parizaad, Ishq e Laa and Sinf-e-Ahan. Now she’s widening her horizons and taking on international projects.

Yumna Zaidi Crester and the Knight Stallion

Yumna Zaidi Befriending with Arab Superhero?

Yumna Zaid Crester and the Knight Stallion

Crester and the Knight Stallion is all about a young desi girl taking the opportunity to befriend Arab superhero Crester. The two will be doing superhero things like saving people and fighting evil while facing typical desi restrictions at home. It would be a treat to watch the series as it’s packed with action, thrill, and chucklesome comedy. And having Yumna on the cast means it’s a must-watch for the Pakistani audience.


Yumna Zaidi in Crester and the Knight Stallion Teaser

Yumna Zaidi Crester and the Knight Stallion

Yumna appeared in the recent teaser talking to Crester along with her mom. Like all desi moms, her mom also asked Crester if he’s married or single. The dialogue got viral on social media and become meme material. What’s your take on a ‘single Arab superhero’ meeting a Pakistani starlet? If you really like fiction and superheroes, you should watch the series.

To watch the teaser [Click Here]

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