Zahid Ahmed Has Heart Of Gold!!

Zahid Ahmed is a soul of the Pakistan entertainment industry. His words are nothing but pure kindness and wisdom. Zahid has done phenomenal roles and highlighted some major issues in Pakistan society. He has been doing wonderful since his first step in the drama category.

The actor of Ishq Zah-e-Naseeb has groomed himself in these years. His bold personality is what we need in our celebrities to open up about things that are taken stereotypically. Zahid made an appearance in a web show hosted by Iffat Omar. He talked about many things including his personal life and celebrity life.

Iffat Omar asked Zahid Ahmed that what are those three things he wants to change in Pakistan showbiz Industry, to which he replied, “Payment on time”. He discussed that this is a very issue that needs to be changed as it is very difficult for junior artists to get their payment on time as compared to senior artists. A senior artist could make a scene or cancel a show to get his payment, but a junior artist can’t do that. Things get sorted out for famous people, but junior artists don’t know what to do.

Zahid’s words from his gold heart made everyone appreciate him. People were pleased that Zahid is the one who speaks about everyone and has wisdom in his words.

Zahid, you are phenomenal. Stay the same!!!