Zarrar Trailer Featuring Shaan Shahid Out Now! 

Shaan Shahid is no doubt a legendary actor. He’s one of the pioneers of the film industry in Pakistan. In the late 90s to early 2000s, he starred in almost every film. But with the decline of cinemas in the country, the superstar parted his ways from the big screen. He was missed a lot, there wasn’t any replacement for him, and no actor could ever come close to the skills he possessed. Thanks to the revival of the film industry we’ve our favorite star back on the big screen.

Shaan Shahid Zarrar Trailer

Shaan in his late fifties is set to thrill his fans with something extraordinary. His upcoming film Zarrar is an action-thriller packed with mind-blowing stunts, unreal action, and adventure. One would easily rate it a 10/10 just from the teaser. It’s actually a marvel compared to the level of films that are produced in Pakistan. Shaan has brought something to match his class. The exclusivity of the film is sure to blow us away!


All About Zarrar the Shaan Shahid Movie

Shaan Shahid Zarrar Trailer

The movie is a proud production of Jehan Films produced under the dynamic direction of the lead star Shan Shahid. Alongside Shaan, the film is featuring a star-studded cast including Kiran Malik, Nadeem Baig, and Adnan Butt. To double your interest, the story is based on a secret mission to stop foreign insurrection in Pakistan. Shaan is playing the commando agent who single-handedly knocks off the enemy’s plans. If you’ve watched Shaan in Waar and Khuda Kay Liye, you should quadruple your expectations from this film.


Watch Shaan Shahid’s Zarrar Trailer Right Now! [Click Here] 

The makers have recently dropped an intriguing teaser to create the hype amongst fans. The teaser did well, the film has been trending across all social media platforms. Plus, the Shaan’s appearance has killed it. He’s seen doing some unbelievable stunts and playing with big toys. If you haven’t watched the teaser yet, you’re missing out on something exceptional.

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