Bandish 2 Drama Story, Cast with Real Names and Pictures

The infamous Bandish franchise is back with a new season, Bandish 2. The supernatural and thriller show will be good entertainment. This drama revolves around paranormal and supernatural powers and how they affect people’s lives. ARY Digital decided to renew it because of its success and top ratings. The characters are played by people’s favorites, Affan Waheed, Amna Ilyas, Sania Samshad, and other supporting actors and actresses.

Aabis Raza directs the show in his own style, backed by the production of Big Bang Entertainment. The story of Bandish 2 is written by Syed Nabeel and Shahid Nizami, two renowned writers.

Bandish 2 released on ARY Digital on April 28, 2023. If you’re interested in the story and its characters and want to watch it, just click here!

DramaBandish 2
ChannelARY Digital
StarringAffan Waheed

Amna Ilyas

Sania Samshad

Written bySyed Nabeel

Shahid Nizami

Directed byAabis Raza
Produced byBig Bang Entertainment
Release Date28 April 2023
Country of OriginPakistan


Bandish 2 Drama Story

The narrative of the drama series “Bandish 2” revolves around a family plagued by the onslaught of paranormal forces. As they grapple with a series of unfortunate events, they are confronted with numerous challenges that disrupt their once-peaceful lives.

“Bandish 2” is a spine-chilling drama series that masterfully combines elements of horror and suspense, creating a thrilling and eerie atmosphere that leaves audiences on the edge of their seats. The immense success of the first season garnered a dedicated following of horror enthusiasts who eagerly awaited the release of the much-anticipated sequel.

Following the immense success of its first season, the show captivated fans of the horror genre. The captivating storyline unfolds in a series of unexpected twists and turns, keeping viewers hooked and guessing at every turn. The creators of the show have skillfully woven together a narrative that is both engaging and thought-provoking, exploring themes of fear, power, and the inexplicable forces that govern our lives.

In “Bandish 2,” the charismatic Affan Waheed steps into the spotlight, delivering a powerful performance as the lead character. His portrayal of a man caught in the web of dark forces is both heart-wrenching and spine-tingling, earning him accolades from critics and fans alike. Alongside him, the stunning model-turned-actress Amna Ilyas and the talented Areej Mohyudin bring their own unique flair and depth to their characters.

Bandish 2 Drama Cast with Real Names and Pictures


Real NameDrama Role
Amna IlyasWania
Affan WaheedSameer
Sania SamshadHumaira
Imran AslamHassan
Areej MohyudinManahil
Faraz FarooquiArmaan
Sania SaeedHumaira


Amna Ilyas

aamnailyas 16149575480370 Bandish 2 Drama Story, Cast with Real Names and Pictures

Amna Ilyas is a prominent Pakistani model and actress who has made a significant impact on the entertainment industry with her striking beauty and exceptional acting skills. Over the years, she has built a successful career in both the world of fashion and television, earning critical acclaim and a loyal fan following.


Amna began her journey in the world of modeling and quickly rose to fame, thanks to her unique features and stunning presence. She has worked with numerous top designers and brands, gracing the runway at various fashion weeks and appearing on the covers of prestigious fashion magazines. Her successful modeling career laid the foundation for her transition into acting.

In her acting career, Amna Ilyas has showcased her versatility by taking on a variety of roles in both television dramas and films. Her debut film, “Zinda Bhaag,” released in 2013, earned her a nomination for Best Supporting Actress at the ARY Film Awards. She then went on to star in several successful films such as “Good Morning Karachi,” “Dekh Magar Pyaar Say,” and “Baaji,” further proving her talent in the industry.

Affan Waheed

affan waheed1 860x1024 1 Bandish 2 Drama Story, Cast with Real Names and Pictures

Affan Waheed is a highly regarded Pakistani actor who has made significant strides in the entertainment industry with his impressive acting abilities and endearing on-screen presence. Over time, he has built a successful career in television, earning critical acclaim and a devoted fan following.

Affan began his acting career with a small role in the 2006 drama series “Tere Pehlu Mein.” Gradually, he started gaining recognition with his performances in various television dramas, showcasing his talent and versatility as an actor. Affan’s dedication and passion for his craft allowed him to explore a wide range of characters, making him a sought-after performer in the industry.

Some of Affan Waheed’s notable dramas include “Aik Pal,” “Guzarish,” “Khamoshi,” “Bay Dardi,” “Do Bol,” and “Bhool.” Each of these dramas highlights his ability to portray diverse and complex characters, earning him praise from both audiences and critics alike.

Affan’s portrayal of the lead character in the drama “Do Bol” was widely appreciated, and the show’s success cemented his position as a leading actor in the industry. In addition to his television work, Affan has also ventured into hosting, showcasing his charisma and charm on various TV shows.

Throughout his career, Affan Waheed has consistently demonstrated his dedication to his craft and his talent for delivering powerful performances. With his captivating screen presence and exceptional acting skills, Affan continues to be a prominent figure.

Sania Samshad

Saniya Shamshad 10 Bandish 2 Drama Story, Cast with Real Names and Pictures


Sania Samshad is a talented Pakistani actress who has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry with her versatile acting skills and charming on-screen presence. Over the years, she has built a successful career in television, earning praise from critics and capturing the hearts of fans.

Sania began her acting career with small roles in various television dramas, showcasing her talent and gradually making her way to more prominent roles. Her breakthrough came with the drama “Mere Dard Ko Jo Zuban Miley,” where she played a pivotal role that garnered much attention and praise from audiences and critics alike.

As her career progressed, Sania Samshad appeared in several successful dramas, including “Aik Nayee Cinderella,” “Mann Ke Moti,” “Rishtey Kuch Adhooray Se,” and “Dil-e-Muztar.” Her performances in these dramas were well-received, and she was appreciated for her ability to portray diverse and complex characters with ease and conviction.

One of Sania’s most notable performances was in the drama “Bechari,” where her impressive acting skills won her the hearts of viewers across the nation. Her portrayal of a strong and resilient character further solidified her position as a powerful performer in the industry.

Throughout her career, Sania Samshad has consistently demonstrated her dedication to acting and her talent for delivering captivating performances. With her engaging screen presence and versatile acting abilities, Sania continues to be a prominent figure in Pakistani entertainment.

Imran Aslam

actor imran aslam biography Bandish 2 Drama Story, Cast with Real Names and Pictures

Sania Saeed

Sania Saeed 1 Bandish 2 Drama Story, Cast with Real Names and Pictures