Namak Haram

Namak Haram

Namak Haram is a 2023 Pakistani drama aired on Hum tv. Namak Haram drama cast name, story, writer, director, release date, day & timing, OST, and other details. The main cast of this drama includes Imran Ashraf, Sarah Khan, Babar Ali, Sajawal Khan, Anika Zulfikar, Sunita Marshal, Salma Asim, Mohsin Ejaz, Nabeela Khan.

The captivating narrative of the television drama series “Namak Haram” revolves around the life of a determined young man named Murad, whose relentless pursuit of revenge against his own family’s nemesis, the affluent Amin Qureshi, spans over an arduous 27-year period. Throughout this time, Murad toils tirelessly while serving as Amin’s loyal assistant, carefully orchestrating his elaborate plan for vengeance. As fate would have it, Amin’s daughter, Asma, becomes unwittingly entangled in this web of retribution.

However, the plot takes an unexpected twist as the flames of Murad’s hatred gradually give way to the blossoming of affection for Asma. Amidst the intricacies of their shared destiny, the story reaches a pivotal juncture when Murad and Asma find themselves falling deeply in love, igniting a passionate and enthralling narrative that transcends the boundaries of vendetta.

Intrigue, suspense, and the delicate dance between revenge and love form the cornerstone of “Namak Haram,” making it a spellbinding journey that is sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Explore this captivating tale as it unfolds, revealing the depths of human emotions and the unforeseen consequences of a vengeful heart. Release Date 3rd November 2023. And Timing Friday 8pm (PKT)

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