“Ab Buss” Short Film Starring Sanam Saeed Is Out Now!

A short film with the name “Ab Buss” has released on the platform of See Prime. This short film is starring Sanam Saeed and is directed by none other than Mohsin Talat. What is surprising is that the short film is made on the recent motorway incident which shook everyone in the country.

This thriller short film inspired Sanam Saeed to be a part of it. She shared her views that when she read the script of the short film, she thought of it as a smart way to share a message of the survival of women in a manly world. Sanam has been very vocal about the motorway gang-rape incident. She raised her voice like every other. She is disappointed in the system that why Rapists in our society roam freely.

She thinks that Digital Platforms like See Prime offer numerous opportunities to highlight social issues and any type of content you like. Now the Short film “Ab Buss” is out, Sanam sees it as a successful one because it has already created a huge impact more than expected.

Have you seen the Short Film yet? Share your thoughts!