Babar Zaheer Gets A Beautiful Birthday Wish From Mahira Khan!

Make-up artist Babar Zaheer is everyone’s favorite. he keeps a special place in every actor’s heart who has ever collaborated with him. Mahira Khan is also fond of Babar. Her acting journey has many times been supported by Babar Zaheer through his make-up skills. Mahira gave a special surprise to Babar on his birthday. She made an awesome video with beautiful memories of her and Babar Zaheer and posted it on social media.

Mahira Khan also went to Zaheer’s wedding. They took beautiful pictures together as well. She captioned the video with words that were straight from her heart. She called Babar “Jigar ka Tukda”. She shared how much Babar means to her. She is very grateful that she found a great friend like Babar. Mahira wished that may their bond be always filled with love, laughter, respect, singing, and dancing.

These beautiful bonds of actors with other people on the set are very rare to find.

Happy birthday to Babar Zaheer! Always stay a great person and keep shining!