Hania Aamir Copied Alia Bhatt’s Outfit Yet Again! 

The super gorgeous starlet Hania Aamir is known for her exclusive style. She’s a true fashion diva recognized by her upmarket outfits. It won’t be wrong to call her a fashion queen. Whenever she walks down the red carpet, the camera roll at her. She always kills it with her looks. No doubt, the girl is leading the industry with her sparkle and stardom.

Hania Aamir and Alia Bhatt

Where from Hania Aamir takes Fashion Inspirations?

Hania Aamir copy Alia Bhatt

To your surprise, Hania is a fan of Indian superstar Alia Bhatt. She often copies her outfits and recreates her look. Recently, the starlet wore a bold Saree for a photo shoot, her attire was inspired by Alia’s look from ITA Awards 2022. As soon as the pictures were uploaded on social media, the fans were quick to compare. Many people also criticized Hania for ruining her exclusivity; however, she has never entertained such criticism.


Hania Aamir and Alia’s Outfit Comparison

Alia Bhatt and Hania Aamir

There’s nothing much to compare between their outfits. It looked the same, but Hania’s facials were quite different. She chose dark lipstick and light makeup unlike Alia’s nude lipstick shade and heavy makeup. Moreover, both wore shining silvery Sarees complimented with silver earrings. The reason behind Hania recreating Alia’s look is yet unknown. No doubt, she’ll look amazing whatever she tries out.

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