Jinhein Raaste Mein Khabar Hoi Upcoming Drama

Jinhein Raaste Mein Khabar Hoi is Sonya Hussyn’s next project as the main lead. The serial is being produced under the banner of Six Sigma Productions. It is directed by very talented Ali Masud Saeed, the man behind Benaam, Bisaat, and Dil Tanha Tanha. According to sources, the serial Jinhe Raaste Mein Khabar Hoi is being recorded with only a few episodes wrapped up till now. It is expected to be completed in 2022. Hopefully, it’ll release on ARY Digital very soon.

Jinhein Raaste Mein Khabar Hoi the Upcoming Drama Serial Sonya Hussyn

Jinhein Raaste Mein Khabar Hoi Challenging Norms

With its out-of-the-ordinary storyline, the serial will start a new discussion for sure. The story is about a young girl who openly challenges societal norms to support her family. She goes out to work and earns bread. The girls around her have at least a hundred restrictions to step out of their homes, but she stands strong. It depicts the reality of our society where women are considered fragile.

The other aspect of the story shows how an ambitious woman is caged at home after her marriage. It feels like death when her ambitions are shattered. The pain and mental torture are unimaginable. Today, such practices must be degraded. This serial is a good step to raising awareness and introducing the other side of the world. Such a plot is much-needed at this time.


Sonya Hussyn in Jinhein Raaste Mein Khabar Hoi

Sonya recently had an interview with Images. She said the serial is going to be very heartbreaking. And that it will change the audiences’ perspective about women’s empowerment. The super gorgeous starlet will play the main character named Noor ul Ain. She has told, “Noor ul Ain is a character who has to deal with rejection because she wants to have a stable income with a practical worldview in mind. It’s sad that our society still punishes women for wanting to pursue a career instead of getting married early. It’s an unfortunate reality that this mentality still exists in 2022.”

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