Articles Mann Mayal strings the heart of all with its recent “Love-birds” episode

Mann Mayal strings the heart of all with its recent “Love-birds” episode

Mann Mayal- the eye candy of the public television nowadays is filled with twists and turns. The new episode opens with Mannu talking to her husband about the money which Salahuddin paid in the hospital. She asks if he felt something bad. She asked if he felt bad about his teacher paying the money. But his reply was in negative.

Mannu is sitting thinking about everything past when the Salahuddin’s servant Jamil comes up and asked why she is sitting alone on which she is petrified. Mannu starts thinking about the past and how she used to be chirpy when she was unmarried. The servant tells her about the “Guru” who he thinks is the best man of the world. Jamil tells her that he has changed his world. He told her that he has become a guardian angel for him. Mannu says that she had a teacher too, when he questioned she remained silent. Mannu again asked him about his Guru but he threw that away with the joke.

On the other side, he tells Salahuddin about the situation of Mannu. He tells him that the only thing that makes her happy is talking about him. But, Salahuddin continues that she has to hear about his husband only and only he should make her happy.

On the other scene, Mannu is playing with her kid when Jamil enters and gives the drink of “Sattu”. Mannu is overjoyed by seeing her favorite drink and asks her about who gave him the seeds to which he tells him that his Guru has given him. On the other hand, Salahuddin tells his servant that she loved everything sweet.  She used to steal sweets when she used to be a child. Salahuddin also asks about the name of her children to which he told him that Tipu and Tina are the name of his off springs.

Salahuddin tells him to say something to Mannu to encourage her. In the next scene, the servant says the exact words to Mannu. He says that no matter what don’t stop meeting the ones who love you, forgive them and tell them everything. Mannu asks if it’s his Guru who said this thing. Mannu, on sudden realization, said to ask him that if someone rejects them wildly what should they do then? What if they hurt their self respect? Salahuddin said that he is mortified without her and his love and if she wants he will spend his entire life without her. The conversation continues between the two indirectly with servant being as messenger.

The next scene Salahuddin’s mother calls and asks Jamil if he is fine or not. Or, is he interested in any girl. Mannu calls her husband and asks when he will come home as his mother is asking they want to do the dinner together. He comes late and asks why she so dull to whom Mannu says that she waited for him while dinner but he said that he was playing and taking the call wasn’t interesting. He also ordered Mannu to sleep in other room due to the children. She stays wake whole night thinking about the Guru.

The next morning Mannu asks his servant about the number of the Guru. He tries to ignore by telling other thing but he gives her the number finally. Mannu texts him thinking of him as an old man. They start talking on the text. Salahuddin is in an all good mood when the Jamil comes to the office and is chirpy and keeps on testing with Mannu on worldly matters. Mannu’s mother in law also asks her to whom she is always on texting always to which he tells her about the “Guru” of Jamil and tells her that she is quite educated person and gives a proper advice.

Jamil tells Salahuddin that it is not proper that he keeps talking to Mannu without revealing his proper identity and tells that it is proper time to leave her and move on to some other beautiful girl. Listening to this he gets angry and tells him that he does not need his expert advice. Salahuddin tells her that he should not tell Mannu that it is he who is talking to her as a Guru.

On the other scene, Mannu decided to take her children to picnic, as Guru had advised her to make her children happy. Mannu’s husband agitated by her mother’s constant commanding also went with them but still with bored face. Mannu’s mother in law is playing with Tipu when he suddenly runs away. Salahuddin, in order to see Mannu, also is at the spot and saw Tipu hiding away. He went to him while all the family is panicking to find him.

Let’s see what happens at the next episode. It seems that Salahuddin will be revealed by smoking angry Mannu. Wait and watch what twist this drama has in hold for all its fans!