Meet the Real life Bakhtawar 

The all-new Bakhtawar drama serial has become a source of inspiration for girls with big dreams. It’s been trending since the first look reveal. Thanks to Yumna Zaidi for portraying her character in its true essence. The writer Nadia Hassan has written a truly heart-touching story. It makes women believe that the sky is the limit.


Does Bakhtawar exist in real life?

Bakhtawar drama in real life

Let us take you to the alleyways of old Lahore to meet Fareen Ishtiaq. She’s the real Bakhtawer whose story you all are watching on TV. This young lady left her village in a disguise of a man. It was never easy for a village girl to face the city’s hustle and bustle. She decided to keep her disguise and work as a man. For years no one had a clue about her reality. After she established a business, she decided to reveal her true identity. Her story took the city by storm and left everyone wonderstruck.


The Motive of Bakhtawar and Fareen

Bakhtawar in real life

It’s an agony for women in our society that they can’t work with men. The narrative of both stories speaks for thousands of women who live miserable life because of gender discrimination. Starting with Bakhtawer, she’s a young girl trying hard to stand up for her mother. When she didn’t see any work option for girls, she took the odd step. Similarly, Fareen had a baby girl and as a mother, she wanted to secure her child’s future. Having limited options in her village she moved to the city. There she ends up playing the father and mother role for her girl.

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