Sara Khan Takes On Her Role In “Sabaat”!

Sabaat, a drama serial by HumTV is the talk of the town as recently the last episode of the drama was on-aired. This drama has given many lessons to learn and even hit the cast as well. Sabaat’s cast included Sarah Khan, Mawra Hocane, Ameer Gillani, and Usman Mukhtar. All the actors gave their best and it was hard to differentiate until the public came forward with the best role played by Sarah Khan.

This time, Sarah took a very different role to play on-air. She really did a wonderful job playing the role of young, Lady boss, controlling-nature woman, etc in Sabaat which has taken her career to the heights. She played “Miraal” which was quite different than many other roles she has played before. This negative role really impressed the audience because she literally molded herself into it. Although this was not her first time with such great work, people will always remember this “boss-lady Miraal”.

Recently, Sarah Khan, in an interview, talked about what she has learned from her character “Miracle” in Sabaat. She told that she has learned the only important thing that every person on earth has some strength. And in Sabaat, every character was powerful because of holding different strengths such as Miraal, Anaya, Usman, and Ameer. She expressed that the interesting part was when Miraal was using her power in a bad way, Anaya was balancing it positively. She learned that it is on our own how to use our strength and power to reach somewhere.

We are happy to hear her views about her negative role. What do you think? Had she done an amazing job?