Sham Idrees Celebrates His Birthday With His Lovely Family!!

Sham Idrees is one of the most popular Youtuber in Pakistan. Basically, This Canadian-Pakistan YouTuber is famous for his pranks, vlogs, and reviews. He knows how to grab attention and what is liked by most people in Pakistan.

Sham Idrees has struggled a lot with his content but also got a massive fanbase with his talent and skills. Earlier, he used to make videos with his partner Queen Froggy also known as Sehar. They got married together in 2018 and now are parents to a cute daughter Sierra Idrees.

Here comes the twist! A few weeks ago, Sham Idrees introduced the world to his first daughter Dua from his first marriage. Dua is 10-years-old who has just made her youtube channel. People are still in shock because Dua doesn’t look like Sham’s daughter but a sister. He explained how he separated from his first wife and Dua was born then. He was a divorcee all these years but now living a good life with his wife and two daughters.

A day ago, Sham Idrees uploaded pictures of him with his lovely family on his birthday. The pictures speak how close they share a bond with each other. Sham thanked his wife Queen Froggy for putting effort into his birthday surprise. He thanked Allah for blessing him with such an amazing family, friends, and fans.

He thanked everyone who wished him best wishes on his birthday.

Have you seen his birthday pictures yet? Sure, you would like the simplicity and love of them!