Team Muhafiz Season One Wrapped! 

The animated cartoon series Team Muhafiz is very popular amongst kids in Pakistan. Its season one had created a huge hype lately. The series aims to promote nationalism and celebrate the national heroes of the country. It is produced by ISPR in a collaboration with Geo TV. No doubt, Team Muhaffiz is the only kid’s show that parents are happy with.

Team Muhafiz Season One

Team Muhafiz ‘Pehli Uran’ Finale

Team Muhafiz Season One

Season one titled Pehli Uran has finally concluded. It left the audience on a cliffhanger. Sir Farmaan got seriously injured after a fight with the goons, he was last seen in ICU. However, the work on Pakistan-China 5th Generation fighter aircraft production was streamlined. The team was able to stop an enemy attack after a rigorous fight. The viewers are now thinking about the next part of the show. The one thing everyone is worried about is the health of Farman.


What’s Next on Team Muhafiz?

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Cartoon series are quite difficult to predict, you can never know what’ll happen in the next season or the next episode. However, we can expect that team will board another adventurous journey of saving the country’s dignity. They’ll fight against evil and continue to complete their mission perfectly. There are rumors that the series will be disconnected. The officials from ISPR, Geo, and AzCorp have denied such news.

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