The amazing journey of Guzarish has now ended with subtle story

The spicy, thrilling and full of twists and turns- The Guzaarish has come to an end. The amazing journey of the drama has now ended with subtle story.

The drama opens when Jaffar comes to see that Ashar is sleeping and is excruciatingly ill. His mother comes up who tells her that he is seriously ill and won’t take medicine until it is his mother who gives them or Zara. Jaffar tells her that he will come back in a few times till then she tries to eat him anything. Her mother told him that she is so alone and can’t take care of all the things alone. Jaffar angrily pronounces that he will look for the Zain and Hina but his mother says it is he who she cares and worries about the most. Jaffar explains her that she is fine and marrying is not an option now.

Zara is talking to Sara who has come back to Pakistan and tells back to meet her now. But, she tells her that she has to meet Jaffar and has something to give to him. Just for the sake of Ashar, Afshan calls and asks Zara’s phupho if she can send her so that Ashar can take some medicine. Zara is stunned and says that Saad is who she is worried about but she tells her to go.

Samina is talking to Afshan about Hina when she tells her that Hina is taken Ashar outside. When she expresses her worry about her daughter. Afshan tells that Zara is her just because of her. Samina says that it’s her house and she can do whatever she wants. Saad comes out when her mother told her that Zara is gone and she fakes that she is gone. She has taken a lot of time but understand that she has no value. He tells her that she has to know that she is about to die and she was lied to. His mother tells him that Zara knew everything when she came here. She wanted to take care for him and she wanted to be always there for him. It is his mistake and he is punishing everyone for the sake of his health.

Hina is easing Ashar when Zara comes to pamper him. Zara is with Ashar when Zain comes to his mother and Hina but she provokes him. Sara is thinking about all the old things and what happened at the night of the wedding and everything when Jaffar comes up. He tells her that he can clear everything but she says that there is no need of that now and she does not needs any explanation. She told him that Sabeena had nothing to talk about except him during the last days of her life and whatever happened due to Kharram has been forgiven.  He asks if she was capable of forgiving, but she tells him that her whole family was destroyed because of her and she cannot forgive at any sake.

Saad is thinking about all the injustices he has done with Zara. While, Jaffar tells Sara about the entire situation she is unknown with. Sara gives Jaffar all the things that Sabina wanted to give him; the property to Ashar and the talks he wanted to do with her. She says that its fine and he should have been there for her and she explains and consoles him a lot.

Saad is still whining over what happened and calls Zara. He asks where she is but she continuously neglects. She tells him that he has to answer her all the questions she asked else she won’t talk to him. Jaffar is talking to Sara when the thugs shot him and went away. Zara, on the other hand, decides to leave when Afshan tells her that she has to enforce Saad to stay with her as he has less time and she shouldn’t just leave him go.

Hina jealously asks Zara why no one cares about her and Zain isn’t being with her. Zara intelligently explains her that in her case nothing could be done in the way she is trying to do. She tries to console her and thus the two ends up satisfying and relaxed. This is when the call comes and Sara tells that Jaffar has been shot. Everyone reaches hospital and Jaffar is in critical stage and the operation is requires when Zain asks about everything and what happened. On the other hand, Saad is also dawdling between life and death and is losing everything.

Saad in his last breathes still blames his mother about whatever is happening to him. He says that he cannot strain Zara more about his losing life. Saad tries to relax a bit and gain some consciousness. Saad’s mother calls Zara but she tells her about everything and that she will call later. On one side Saad’s mother is praying about him and on the other Afshan is praying about Jaffer.

Zain gives good news to everyone that Jaffers is fine and is conscious again. Jaffar tries to talk to everyone and ponders that Sara is the one who give him life back again but he is the one who destroyed her life and changed it due to his. Jaffar jots his hands in front of Sara and asks for forgiveness. Sara easily forgives him.

Zara is preparing the bad when Saad comes and she tells him that he is going abroad for treatment. She tries to explain him angrily that whatever his happening is wrong and he is very wrong with her and he is taking all her rights away. Saad tells her that there is nothing here and he is about to die when Zara tells him that she loves him and nothing else. Saad sadly succumbs to what he has done.

On the other hand, Hina is going when Zain comes and commits that she is going but she is leaving her heart behind and tries to stop her. He pleads and asks for forgiveness and being who she is Hina forgives her. Thus smilingly the duo settles to happiness. Zara is leaving with Saad when his mother gives her the money and Saad also asks for her forgiveness and prayers. Thus, this is how the drama chapters off with happiness everywhere and happy ending.