Yasir Hussain Is A Proud Husband Of Talented Iqra Aziz!

Iqra Aziz is a full package of talent and skills at such a young age. She has established her name in the showbiz industry in such less time. Iqra, being a married woman, manages well between her career and married life.

Aziz has recently won the best TV actress award due to her amazing performance in the famous drama show Ranjha Ranjha Kardi alongside Imran Ashraf. Everybody loved her acting in the drama because of how she carried her character so well. No one would have done it better than Iqra Aziz. Yasir Hussain, the husband of Iqra Aziz, publicly expressed his excitement about Iqra’s win. He congratulated her and said that Iqra has done a hat trick in her accomplishment. She has won 3 best actress awards in three years which is tremendous. Moreover, Yasir said that Iqra is not just the best actress but a best friend and best wife which is why he is proud of her.


On Yasir Hussain’s Instagram, Iqra also commented that she is thankful to him for always supporting her. She wrote that Yasir has given her so much strength and love that feels so surreal.
This couple is so lovey-dovey in public and private that gives people major couple goals sometimes. We really love their bond!